“I’m a long-term client of Griffith Printing and see them as a trusted supplier that produces excellent results. Their bids are prompt and exact. They are fast and do whatever they can to fit into the budget. They deliver on time and there are never added costs. They follow up with any concerns I have and always come through when you need them most. They are a respected printing company and they meet their commitments. But, most importantly, they do it all with a smile and a kind word. This city has a lot of printers. I choose the one that makes my job easier. That's Griffith!"

—Sara Klomp, Creative Director
University of St. Thomas

“The folks at Griffith Printing make it a great company to work with -- friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Not only do I know I am going to get a high-quality project, but I’m going to get it at a competitive price. At times I feel like I am the only customer they have, as it seems that they drop everything to push a rush project through."

—Jodi Grendahl Stuart Management Corporation

Postcard Printing

Postcards are a highly effective marketing tool that allows you to get your message out in a timely and cost effective manner. You can choose from an array of sizes, colors and coatings depending on your goals, message and budget. Postcards are a very under-utilized marketing tool for most businesses and non-profit organizations, and when written, created and printed properly can make a huge difference in your organization’s marketing results.

What should you say on the postcard?

Far too many companies put their emphasis on the design of the postcard instead of first deciding what they are want to say. The message you include on your postcards is tremendously important, and instead of just telling people why you are such a great company, concentrate on addressing their major issues with your type of product or service.

When creating your postcard, don’t create the design first and then figure out how to fill in the content. Instead, decide what you need to say, then say it and create the eye-popping designs around it. Adding the proper content to your website can increase your response rate 10 times … sometimes more!

What size postcard should you have printed?

You may be surprised to learn that there are many different sizes of postcards that you can choose from … you do not have to pick the standard 4 X 6 postcard. Put yourself in the place of your prospective client … when the mail arrives, your small postcard is trapped in the middle of probably two or three other postcards of the exact same size! Not a very compelling position to be in. Instead, the mail arrives and your 8 X 14 postcard is clearly sticking out of the pile of mail … which one do you think will get the most attention?

Before you choose a size of postcard decide exactly what you want to say. Once you have written down exactly what you want to say, then create a the graphics around the content … you will quickly find out that a 4 X 6 will not allow you to say much … so a custom postcard may be in order!

  • Use both sides of the postcard to your advantage

The U.S. mail allows you to add headlines and some content on the front of your postcard … and many business don’t take advantage of this. If you don’t have a compelling headline on the front of your postcard, there’s a good chance they’ll never turn it over to read your important message on the back. And if you have an upcoming event, fundraiser or new product or service this could cost you!

Postcard mailing

If you have a very large prospective client list that you want to mail a postcard too, the cost and headaches of a mass mailing can be daunting. Instead of worrying about it, use Griffith Printing to handle all of your direct mailing needs. Our experience and understanding of the system can help you not only save money, but increase the response rates from your postcard mailing. Some of our direct mail services include:

  • Processing for a single mailing list file
  • CASS/DPV certification to standardize addresses and add Zip+4
  • Presorting and USPS documentation for maximum postal discounting
  • Drop shipping analysis for additional postage discounts
  • Inkjet setup and addressing
  • On-site USPS verification and delivery to the Post Office